Black secret box bundle

  • Christmas Toy


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A special bundle of 3 Dark Secret Boxes. By acquiring it You’ll get 3 boxes containing 1 Christmas decorations each.

The ball is decorated with natural Baltic amber. Every toy is handmade and unique. Amber texture is different and unique as well, so every product is exclusive.

Millions of years of age amber symbolize its mysterious qualities and authenticity. Through those years amber was used for household, health, spiritual rituals, jewelry, trade purposes. Today amber is the stone of warmth, love, success, health. Amber is light so the ball fits Christmas tree perfectly, the toy is unbreakable if it falls down. Unique, handmade decoration surprises even the most captious family’s member eye.

QR code on the box shows the clip about the long journey of amber made for kids and their parents. We wish you a magical holidays!

  • Natural Baltic amber
  • Christmas toy diameter: 65 mm
  • Product weight: 25 g
  • Christmas black wooden box
Christmas black wooden box (shavings)
  • Christmas



Unique and captivating Christmas decorations made from natural Baltic amber
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client reviews
Darlene Stark

I have four of their stuff. Absolutely love them all! Beautiful! Great quality. The exploration and infinity are my favs. Simple yet so gorgeous jewelry ????


Very beautiful in person. Going to make a great meaningful gift. Thanks!

Beverly West

Wonderful, unique, subtle amber charms for the little ones! I’ve never imagined that such amazing jewelry for children even exists! My gang of four (three boys and a girl) love to wear their amber charms – both pendants and bracelets – almost every single day ???? Once my friends spotted these charms on my kids, your shop became as the first and trusted spot for gift hunting for every celebration ♥️


Įvesdami savo el. pašto adresą sutinkate su mūsų Privatumo politika.



Size guide

How to measure the right size of the bracelet?
Bracelet size
Wrist size
XS 16,5 cm 6,5 in < 15 cm < 5,9 in
S 18 cm 7,1 in < 17 cm < 6,7 in
M 19,5 cm 7,7 in < 18 cm < 7,1 in
L 20,5 cm 8,1 in < 19,5 cm < 7,7 in
XL 23 cm 9,1 in > 19,5 cm > 7,7 in
The average bracelet size for women is around 18 cm while it is around 20,5 cm for men. And this is equal to the medium size of AMBERSMILE’s bracelet options.