Jewellery Care

Amber care

Amber is one of the most fragile gemstones and it requires extra attention. These are some simple rules, which are not difficult to remember and/or apply:

• we recommend keeping amber in a velvet box and separately from other jewelry as to avoid any scratches;

• in order to keep your amber accessories shiny and long lasting, be attentive to any kind of exposure to soaps, lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants, as well as grease or oil products;

• prevent your amber pieces from direct sunlight and high temperatures;

• if amber turns dull, polish it with a cotton cloth using a couple of drops of baby oil. Finish by polishing it with chamois leather;

• it is believed that if you wash your amber regularly, water helps removing bad energy;

• it should be noted that small fissures are possible due to mechanical effects.

Silver care

• In order to keep your silver accessories shiny, avoid exposure to chemicals such as those found in cosmetics, hairsprays and perfumes;

• do not wear your silver piece while bathing, doing the dishes or using cleaning chemicals;

• if silver tarnishes, polish it with a silver polishing cloth, which is impregnated with an anti-tarnish agent. Avoid circular movements, which could potentially emphasize scratches (if there are any);

All Ambersmile Studio jewellery is handmade from fine sterling silver and 24K gold plating. Please treat and wear your jewellery with love and care. The main principles to remember: if you want to maintain beauty of your jewellery, please remove the pieces when you shower, bathe or swim. Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams where they might come into direct contact with your jewellery. Store in a secure, dry place between wearing. We suggest keeping jewels in their original box – it will prevent your beloved pieces from tarnishing and scratches.

Ambersmile Studio jewellery has a ‘Lifetime warranty’, which means that we can offer the service of repairing small damages without any fee.