The Most Practical Summer Accessory is Here

The Most Practical Summer Accessory is Here

If you wear glasses, there’s a possibility you have wondered (at least for once) how not to lose them. You may keep them in a case, in a bag, in a pocket… Here at Ambersmile, we sought to create a sartorially attractive solution for keeping eyeglasses safe and secure. At the same time, we thought – why can’t eyeglasses be on display even if you’re not wearing them? Just in time for summer, we decided there’s nothing more practical and stylish than eyeglass holders.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t be talking only about summer – these eyeglass holders will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe any time of the year, as they can be worn and matched just as easily as any other accessory in your wardrobe. The first thing you should take into account is the kind of glasses you own (what shape? What color?). White glasses will look the most effective with our delicate black eyeglass holders, while black ones will be beautifully complemented with white charms – you can never go wrong with monochrome looks. However, one of the most popular colour choices of sunglasses is earth tones (think beige, brown, sand). You can let yourself be more audacious and match them with holders in two or even three colours, for example brown, yellow and pure amber colour. Matched together, they create a harmonious ensemble.

There’s a variety of eyeglass holders to choose from, depending not only on your glasses, but your mood as well. If you’re not into monochrome looks, choose our “Rainbow” edition – gradually changing amber tones look elegant and funky at the same time.

“Lemon” or “Antic” shades will go well with pastel ensembles and breezy summer dresses, while pink eyeglass holders will dictate a dreamier mood (they look very subtle and discreet when matched with light clothing). If you prefer darker shades, consider dark cherry colour – it will be a perfect alternative to black.

You should also keep in mind that eyeglass holders are definitely a statement accessory and they will be one of the most important focusing points of your outfit. That’s why you should also consider the colour palette of your clothes – you will look the best while wearing similar tones to those of your glasses or their holders. You can also experiment with prints (such as funky stripes or bubbles) and materials (denim goes with everything!). This way, your eyeglass holders will be noticeable even when they’re not on your eyes, but simply hanging on the outfit. Approach your eyeglass holders as necklaces and the dressing up game will become even more fun than before!