Make your jewelry box unique with amber Why amber is the next big thing in jewelry

Make your jewelry box unique with amber Why amber is the next big thing in jewelry

Today, fashion is about so much more than just good design. It is also about exceptional stories, ideas and values that go with it. Emphasized necessity for responsibility and ethicality in the production process are radically changing the ways in which we assess clothes and accessories. At the same time, let’s not forget that style is all about fun, ease and expressing oneself – with Ambersmile charms, we have been trying to associate all of these elements for more than twenty years.

We believe that a well-chosen accessory not only becomes a part of a character, but also brings luck, especially when it’s made from natural, rich materials. Each Ambersmile accessory is created from 100% natural, unpressed Baltic amber without any chemical supplements. Chances are you don’t own a lot of amber accessories, and there is a reason for that. Amber is like a niche gemstone – it’s not yet massively used in a fashion industry, but it radiates positivity and provides an exceptional touch.

However, for a really long time it was associated with an old craft and overly historicized, ethnical objects, which belong rather to a museum than to a modern jewelry box. Creating alluring and relevant contemporary accessories from amber was one of the most important goals of Ambersmile. Our talented team of jewelers and designers made it happen.

Amber charms are easy to match with any style – imagine wearing colorful, authentic bracelets with romantic wrap dresses, wedge sandals and beach bags à la Française. Or dark matte accessories with jeans, a leather jacket and slick stilettos. Another reason why amber is special – it is accessible without looking cheap.

It can complement casual and formal ensembles equally well. We have created five main lines: “Tree of Life”, which provides strength, courage and vitality all while protecting from a negative energy; a more mysterious “Night Forest” with dark matted bracelets, “Love is…” with little heart-shaped forms, “Cosmos”, symbolizing success, and determination; finally – “Bambino” for children. We believe that fashion unites, that’s why we reject any definitions in who should wear our accessories – they are suitable for men, women and children alike.