How to wear trendiest autumn colors (with Ambersmile)

How to wear trendiest autumn colors (with Ambersmile)

According to the Pantone Color Institute, this autumn will be lush, sensual and deeply evocative. Meaning? Bold, impactful, rich colors in your wardrobe – such as deep red or deep blue, ceylon yellow or ultraviolet. If you’re thinking about a wardrobe renewal, these color trends could be an encouraging nudge into a new sartorial territory.

As a rule, your jewelry box should complement and highlight your choice of clothes. If you’re excited about wearing popping red and attracting all the attention, our original amber hue bracelets (gold or yellow) will be the perfect companions. Think about red cashmere sweaters, houndstooth print shorts or pants and amber accessories, which will let the color pop and will complete the whole ensemble.

If you are more into darker hues, such as deep blue or mustard, our black bracelets can be a wonderful team player. For a really long time, it was thought that blue doesn’t go that well with black, but recent seasons (and a lot of stylish women!) have proved this myth wrong. For example, you can match royal blue coats with our “Cosmos” or “Good Luck” bracelets in dark colors, and complete it with your favorite charm. Silver charms work better with colors that have blue undertones, whereas gold is more suitable for purple, brown, orange or neutral shades. But don’t take this too seriously - just mix, match and decides what looks the best for you!

Pastel colors, such as citrus or very light purple, are also stylish. Such hues are quite easy to match, especially accessories-wise. We recommend choosing a bracelet from our “Red String” collection – an extremely minimalistic accessory will go very nicely with yellowish tones.

And, finally, if you’re thinking of sticking to neutrals this autumn (black and white, anyone?), use accessories to add a touch of color to your outfits. Or… go all the way to creating an entirely black ensemble by choosing our dark bracelets and magical charms. You don’t need to rely too heavily on trends to be your own heroine. This autumn is a perfect chance to start a new story!