Amber: interesting facts and sartorial tips

Amber: interesting facts and sartorial tips

One of the many reasons why we love amber is that it’s a great conversation piece. Not only amber is special for its protective and magical qualities, it also has a very rich history (the oldest amber piece is believed to be 320 million years old). Throughout the times, this gem has been appreciated for a variety of reasons and people were willing to pay exorbitant prices for having even a smallest piece of amber! Luckily, today we can wear it without it costing us a fortune. Here are some of the facts that every amber wearer should know:

A gem that gladiators could marvel at. Does the term of “patriotic” jewelry exist? Probably not, but if you’re from the Baltic region, choosing amber can definitely feel something more than just a simple act of wearing a beautiful thing. It’s a reminder of the Baltic region’s economic history that stretches way back to the ancient times – something definitely worth of being proud of. For example, you probably know about the famous “Amber routes” during the Roman period. The Romans purchased amber in northern Europe and used it for various reasons, even decorated their arenas with it! Amber was a luxury item of sorts and even small amulets could cost a fortune.

A youth elixir. Roman women appreciated amber because… they believed it was a secret to eternal youth. They would rub amber in their hands or keep always in a close contact, certain that it would make them look younger. In fashion, amber is associated with youth because of its dynamic, vivid colors and the fact that it’s not pretentious and doesn’t require matching the whole outfit around the amber accessory. But that’s not to say that wearing amber should be restricted to any age category – any wearer, from a baby to a grandmother, will enjoy it for various different reasons.

A gem that heals. Amber has been used in medicine since the ancient times. We have already written about its healing, calming and protective powers. It’s believed that amber helps to clear the mind, encourages positive mindset, eliminates negative energy (thoughts, anxiety, fears). Over the years, a big amount of stories and legends have been created in order to attest the magical powers of amber.

Pieces of sun. What a beautiful thought – did you know that Greeks believed sun fell into the sea every night and amber was pieces of it that had broken off during the process?

• Shades of amber. When you think of amber, probably only one color pops into your mind (honey), but there are actually more than three hundred different shades of amber! Of course, most of them fall into the category of yellow, brown, orange, copper, but there are some notable exceptions, for example green or even blue. Different amber tones mean more matching possibilities.

Increasing popularity. The latest several years have proven that the demand for amber is increasing, especially in Asia (for example, China). It marks a significant change in the way avid jewelry wearers look at gems – they’re searching for pieces with history, authenticity, with emotional warmth and underlying meanings. Amber offers all of that. Today, stylish women choose amber because of its distinctive look and the fact that it’s not as ubiquitous as other gems. By wearing amber accessores, you simply opt for looking authentic and original – if you like this gem, chances are you’re not blindly following the newest trends, rather adapting them to your own, personal style. And kudos to that!